HUCOL ROTARY and STATIC POWER CONVERTERS offer a reliable and cost effective answer to powering up all workshops requiring a 3 phase supply at 400 volts from a domestic 230 volts supply.

In comparison to generators and the electricity board providers, especially in the current climate, these converters are proving a huge success in cutting fuel and installation costs.
A three phase supply can be achieved in a matter of hours, instead of waiting several months for the electricity boards to respond.
In most cases the savings from the use of the converter, has meant the cost of the converter being paid back in 2-3 months, when compared to the cost of running a generator.

All new models guaranteed for 3 years. Second hand models available also.

All HUCOL Converters automatically control the motor starting surge, maintaining the surge until the motor has attained its full running speed irrespective of time taken.

The Rotary Converter establishes an artificial three-phase Supply independently of the driven machine/load. The converter has no minimum load; however there is a maximum single motor load that should not be exceeded for starting reasons. Unlike most Rotary Converters on the market, the maximum single motor load equals the multi-motor load for most sizes of HUCOL Rotary Converter.

The RT converter output takes the form of an industrial-style socket/plug (three phase, neutral and earth). The MT converter is fitted with a set of output terminals. The output neutral facilitates the use at 240-volt control circuits and small auxiliary loads. The use of a three-phase distribution board or similar is recommended for multi-motor applications requiring more than one output from the converter.

Any number of motors can be operated simultaneously from the Rotary Converter provided the converter rating is not exceeded, either on a single motor or multi-motor basis. Regulation of output power is automatic. The operator does not have to regulate the power level to suit the particular motor in circuit as would be necessary with a Static Converter. Anomalies associated with the use at a Static Converter relating to fractional horsepower motors, multi-speed motors and sequential starting do not apply to the Rotary Converter.

  • RT Range

    • 4.0kW/5.5hp
    • 5.5kW/7.5hp
    • 7.5kW/10.0hp
    • 11.0kW/15.0hp
    • 15.0kW/20.0hp
    • 22.0kW/30.0hp
  • ST Range

    • 1.1kW/1.5hp
    • 1.5kW/2.0hp
    • 2.2kW/3.0hp
  • ST HD Range

    • 4.0kW/5.5hp
    • 5.5kW/7.5hp
    • 7.5kW/10.0hp
    • 11.0kW/15.0hp


Circular Saw; Band Saw; Band Re-saws; Rip Saw; Cross-Cut Saw; Panel Saw; Wall Saw; Radial-Arm Saw; Surface Planer; Planer/Moulder; Planer/Thicknesser; Feed Unit; Four-Sided Planer; Spindle Moulder; Tenoner; Chisel Mortiser; Chain Mortiser; Woodturning Lathe; Copy Lathe(Electronic); Copy Lathes(Hydraulic); Belt Sander; Speed Sander; Pad Sander; Disc Sander; Edge & Profile Sander; CNC Routers (Rotary converter required); Multi-Borer (Rotary converter required).


Lathe; Milling Machine; Pedestal Drill; Surface Grinder; Linisher; Band Saw; Power Hacksaw; Polisher; Shaper; Deburring Machinery; Guillotine (Rotary only); Metalworker (Rotary only); Power Presses (Rotary only)


Produce Conveyor; Grading Equipment; Rolling Mill/Mixing Equipment; Potting/Compost Machinery; Pumps; Yardscrapers; Homogenising Equipment; Compressor; Heat Pump.


Compressors; Vehicle Ramps - Electro-Mechanical; Vehicle Ramps - Hydraulic; Brake Testing Equipment (Rotary only); Spray Booths


Printing Press; Guillotine (Paper/Card); Cutting Press; Wine Press; Loom; Weaving Machinery; Pugmill; Shoe Repair Machinery; Window Making Machinery; Glass & uPVC Cutting Machinery; Masonry Saws; Food Processing Equipment; Welding Equipment (Rotary only). Robot demonstrations

Hucol Converters

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